The Board - Fall 2017


Øystein Markhus Breiteig - President -

Member since September 2016.
Studies: Meteorology and Oceanography at UiB.
About me: I am 24 years old, originally from Haugesund. Been living in Bergen for over 4 years now. I joined ESN after my own exchange in Utrecht, where I had a great stay. I joined a lot of activities organized by ESN, so I thought I wanted to join ESN in my hometown. So now I'm here, trying to help the exchange students in Bergen to have a great stay and to continue having a lot of fun.
Fun Fact: Took me 4 years in Bergen to climb all the 7 mountains!


Renate Sonneveld - Vice-President ([email protected]

Member since September 2017.
Studies: International Business Administration at Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University). Exchange student at NHH.

About me: I am Renate, a 20 year old exchange student from the Netherlands. I wanted to go to Bergen because I love nature, I hike as much as I can here. I am part of ESN because I want to help out with building an open and international community that everyone feels welcome in.

Fun Fact: I am already getting used to the rain, hiking in the rain is the best thing ever.


Sebastian Aguirre - Treasurer - [email protected]

Member since September 2016
Studies: Law at UiB

About me:  I am 25 years old and from Oslo, but I have been living in Bergen for over 5 years now. I have been a mentor for exchange students at the law faculty for several years, so joining ESN was a natural choice for me when I wanted to look beyond just what was currently happening at the Law faculty. I joined as a member in the Event Committee, and I enjoyed it so much that now I’m here in the board trying to prove that law students are indeed capable of working with numbers. Besides Budgets & Chill, I like good alcohol and food, asking several times for receipts, the odd hiking trip and leading exchange students on pub crawl trips (no group has been lost for more than 15 minutes through my splendid guidance!).
Fun Fact: I have only been up two of the “mountains” around Bergen. But since this has already been taken, I once ate pig brains in China. Didn’t taste like it made me any smarter.


Merry Ho - Buddy Coordinator - [email protected]

Member of ESN since August 2015
Studies: Chemistry

About me: After having studied abroad, I sought out the international community in my home city and came across ESN Bergen. I joined the organization wanting to help developing the Buddy program. As part of the Erasmus Student Network, I hope to further cultural exchange, foster great memories, and share with more students the fun and bonding community that is ESN!
Fun Fact: I haven't climbed all the 7 mountains yet.


Mylene Pa Durand -Social Erasmus Responsible - [email protected]

Member since September 2017
Studies: Teaching French as a foreign langage

About me: I am 24 years old and I am from Brittany in France. I came to Bergen because I got a scholarship to be a French langage assistant in a school. Last year, I discovered ESN organization during my work experience in Spain and so I wanted to be part of it in Norway. I want to dedicate myself to ESN so that international students can enjoy their stay in this beautiful city.
Fun Fact: I can’t stop travelling: I lived in Ireland, Spain and now in Norway!


Jekaterina Mazura - Event Coordinator - [email protected]

Member since september 2017
Studies: Strategy and Management at NHH

About me: I am a master student who got lucky enough to study in beautiful Norway. Originally from Latvia. Going on exchange was one of the best things that I've done, so I decided to join ESN Bergen to help create good memories for all the international students coming to Bergen.
Fun Factlove travelling, been to 40+ countries on 5 continents, and even got paid doing that!



Anastasia Prisacaru  - Webmaster

Member since September 2017

Studies: Computer Science at Humboldt University of Berlin. Exchange student at UiB.

About me: I’m 20 years old and originally from Chisinau, Moldova. Two years ago I moved to Germany to start my Bachelor’s degree. Studying in Berlin is the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m in love with the city and the people I’ve got to know there. In my free time I enjoy learning foreign languages, making handmade wristbands and cooking. After moving to Bergen, my new favourite hobby is hiking.

Fun Fact: Before coming to Norway, the only thing I could say in Norwegian was: “ikke spis gul snø” which means “don’t eat yellow snow” :)


 Lydia Winkler – Partnership   

Member since September 2017
Studies: Biology

About me:  I’m 20 years old and come from the state of Minnesota in the United States. In the US, I am in the third year of my bachelor’s degree at a small university called University of Minnesota Morris. ESN does not exist in my home country, but I joined ESN Bergen because I am interested in meeting more international and Norwegian students and helping people have a great exchange experience. 

Fun Fact: Norway is the first European country that I have ever visited.


Phani Kumar Manne -  Teambuilding Coordinator

Member since September 2017.
Studies: Master in Energy, Renewables at UiB
About me: I am originally from India but lived a bit in Bergen before. So I know almost all the nice places in Bergen to go to. I travelled the world a bit after and moved back to Bergen to do the master. I joined ESN after I heard about the event of cheap beer every other Thursdays. But I ended up liking the people and the atmosphere of ESN. I like to dance – salsa, drink beer & go for a hike/run.
Fun Fact: I have done all the 7 mountains of Bergen, climbed the tallest mountain of Norway, been to Trolltunga – 3 times.


Ines Urlaub - PR Responsible - [email protected]

Member since March 2017
Studies: Law at UiB

About me: I am 21 years old and originally from München. Came to Bergen in January 2017. I joined a lot of ESN events in my first semester here in Bergen and met some amazing people. I want to experience this again and help other international students to have as much fun as I had. 
Fun Fact: I came to my first ESN meeting just to sign in for cat cuddling.



However, all of our great events would not be possible without the helping hands of our numerous active members!

Active Members - Fall 2017

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