ESN Bergen had the honour to host about 50 wonderful participants for the National Platform (biannual meeting) of ESN Norway last weekend. Most of the participants were from Norway, but we did also enjoy the company of ESNers from Sweden, Denmark, Austria
March is an eventful month - here are some of the highlights already!
Last Sunday, March 1st, ESN Bergen organised a futsal tournament for the football-lovers among the international students in Bergen.
ESN Bergen will be hosting the biannual general meeting of ESN Norway March 5th - 8th 2015!
ESN Bergen has a little something for everyone: last week we hosted a quiz night for the brightest of the brightest students, and the following weekend we organised a Valentine's Day party at Klubb Fantoft, especially for buddies.
Let the battle (of the best theme) begin!
ESN Bergen had the kick-off for the International Days in the Spring semester with the famous Speed friending event!
After an article in Studvest we managed to fill up all the empty slots in the Buddy-program, and all the Buddies have been paired. Thumbs up!
Have a look at our events for the spring semester of 2015!