Who are we and what do we do?

ESN Bergen is part of Erasmus Student Network (ESN), the largest non-profit student network in Europe. We work to advocate student exchange and to foster an international student environment. We do so by integrating international students into the local community through social events, buddy program and Social Erasmus.

How can you join ESN Bergen?

You can join by:

  1.    Participating in our events
  2.    Be a part of the Buddy program
  3.    Being an active member in one of our committees
  4.    Have a board position

You can join one or more of the options above, if you want to.

(1) About our events

Our events are open for all students. No membership fee is required to participate on our events. Buying an ESN card can still be an advantage. Typical events are Hansafest, students trips to Lapland, quiz, hikes, trampoline park and board games night.


(2) The Buddy program

Through Buddy Bergen you can be introduced to a new culture and perhaps even a new language by signing up as a foreign Buddy. You will be matched with a local Buddy that will show you around in Bergen and together you can participate to the Buddy Events.

(3)  The committees
There are four different commitees you can join:

Event committee
Organize events for everyone and makes sure they run smoothly. This committee is the biggest, and is excellent for people who are interested in organizing events, brainstorming ideas and are dedicated to make the semester fun and exciting for students through well-planned events.

Buddy committee
Be in charge of running our buddy program and create buddy events. This is for you if you have teambuilding spirit, enjoy creating and organizing events, and are interested in improving the Buddy program.

Social Erasmus committee
Has a focus on making a long lasting social change in society through volunteering activities. Throughout the semester there are some typical Social Erasmus events such as cat cuddling and language cafés, but the big project is the Social Erasmus Week, that is arranged once every semester, which aims to involve international students into participating in social and voluntary activities in their host countries. For this committee we are looking for students that have an interest in charity work and in seeking out volunteering opportunities.

PR committee
Is making sure to promote all events in social media and to make promotional material.

(4) The board positions

All board positions are possible to apply on.

Up for election:

- President
- Vice President + Local Representative (LR)
- Treasurer
- Webmaster 
- Partnership responsible
- Teambuilding coordinator
- Buddy manager
- Event coordinator
- Social erasmus coordinator
- PR manager

For a specific description about the board positions and active members: Click here

Why should students join ESN Bergen? 

ESN Bergen works under the principle of "Students Helping Students," where volunteering gives opportunities for growth and self-development. In ESN Bergen you can meet your future friends, both local and international students. We emphasize having an open and inclusive environment where members can learn soft and hard skills. Additionally, we offer a network with many opportunities abroad.

How to apply

If you want to become a member, then we need a motivation letter from you. The motivation letter should be at most 1 page and it should answer

- who you are

- what you study

- what your interest in ESN is

- what experience you have

- what sort of skills/talents you can use in ESN Bergen.

It must also clearly state what committees or board positions (listed by preference from 1 to 3).
Send the application to president@bergen.esn.no.


What happens afterwards?

On the General Meeting (more information will be sent on mail to those to send motivation letters) you get to meet the rest of ESN Bergen. The General Meeting is very informal and nothing to be scared of!

After the General Meeting, we will continue to a different location to get to know each other better.
Questions can be sent to our Facebook page or to president@bergen.esn.no

How can students get in touch with ESN Bergen?

You could either

Follow us on Facebook to get notification about the upcoming events: https://www.facebook.com/BergenESN.