"ESN Bergen: Walking with the Ravens of the Night"

Do you want to give back, and do something good? Join us in the SocialErasmus and do some volunteer work here in Bergen. Our project with Natteravnene is a possibility for you to get an insight into Norwegian charity work on a local level. It is also a good opportunity to meet other Norwegians and to see a darker side of the Norwegian culture. This project is about keeping the streets safe at night, both preventing violence and helping people in need. You have probably seen them in their yellow jackets working alongside the police.

Natteravnene walk the city streets from 10.30 PM to 03.00 AM every Friday and Saturday night.  At 01.00 AM there is a break where you get the chance to socialize and they serve food, coffee and snacks.  If you sign up you will be assigned to a group, and you can choose how many times you would like to volunteer. If you have a Buddy, this would be a great activity for you to do together. You will also receive a letter of recommendation as a thank you for your great work.

Want to volunteer? Send an email to socialerasmus@bergen.esn.no

Walking with Natteravnene: An average evening

  • 22:20: Meet up at Byparken bybane station, where a local Norwegian student/buddy will greet you. Afterwards you head of to Natteravnenes headquarters.
  • 22:30: Arrival at Natteravnene headquarters. Upon arrival, you sign in with phone number and email and learn about how Natteravnene operate and function during the evening.
  • 22.35 – 23.00: Social time with other members where coffee and other snacks are served. You are provided with your (very comfy, warm and awesome) natteravnene jacket before walking. You are also assigned to a group with your local student/buddy and with at least two senior members.
  • 23.00 – 00.30: Walking the streets.
  • 00.30 – 01.00: Break: Food, coffee and beverages are served. Food is of course free, and they have often served take out pizza.
  • 01.00 – 03.00 (02.00). Continue walking. If it is a quiet night, it usually ends by around 2. If you need to use public transportation to get home, you will get to borrow a Natteravnene vest that will allow you to ride for free with both bus and bybane.


Why volunteer with Natteravnene?

  • Meet local Bergen people
  • Untraditional mini tour of the city
  • Free, tasty food
  • Perfect activity with your buddy
  • Interesting experience to tell your friends
  • Give something back to your host city!

Want to volunteer? Send an email to socialerasmus@bergen.esn.no