Every year, the Norwegian Cancer Society collects money all over the country through their project ”Krafttak mot Kreft”. ESN Bergen is cooperating with them and this gives you the opportunity to join this project every Spring. This way you can and be part of a worthy cause that will be a perfect activity to do with your Buddy, friends or even by yourself to meet new people!

Stand Up Against Cancer Day – Sunday 6 March 2016

On Sunday 6 March 2016, international students participated with ESN Bergen in the Norwegian fundraising event “Krafttak mot Kreft”. During this annual event, which is held all over Norway, money is raised for Kreftforeningen (Norwegian Cancer Society). The cause of this year’s edition was treatment to incurable cancer.  Volunteers gathered in the sports hall of Amalie Skram Videregående Skole (a high school in Bergen). Among them were several international students, who were given a collection box and were assigned to a specific area in the city centre of Bergen by ESN Bergen members. The international students went from door to door in their assigned area to collect money. They could decide themselves whether they would walk alone or in pairs. After two hours of raising money, the conclusion could be drawn that a decent amount of money for the Cancer Society was raised.


Here are Merry and Yorni from ESN Bergen handing out buckets for all the lovely students participating!