Privacy policy

Written by: ESN Bergen

Privacy policy, web-based processing of personal data

This privacy policy applies for ESN Bergen’s webpages.

Personal data that is being processed
ESN Bergen does not gather personal data like identity number or data about personal credit card details.

Examples on personal data
Name, age, phone number, email and nationality.

Pictures are also personal data
We are obliged to obtain a explicit consent from you regarding the publication of images online and printed flyers. If you find images of yourself on our website, Facebook or other social media which you no longer wish to have there, please contact us and we will remove these.

How do we gather personal data?
ESN Bergen gather personal data through questionaries’ and forms that are sent out. It is voluntary to provide us this information. If you decide to not give us the personal data, we might be prevented to give you necessary information and further follow-up, as well as registration to certain events will not be possible.

The purpose of gathering personal data
To send relevant information.

To have preparedness lists to our events.

How do we save personal data?
The data is saved by different questionaries’, forms, mail and google drive.

How to delete personal data?
The information is being deleted periodically, or by contacting us.

As a user of our webpages, you have the right to require access to the personal information we process about you and how they are processed. You may also require corrections, deletions and limitations in the processing of personal data in accordance with the Personal Information Act (personopplysningsloven).

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